Financial and legal services

we provide our clients various financial services and legal solutions

Credit Insurance

working together with Atradius we provide our clients credit limits within their insurance limit. After setting up a customer account with us our financial department will review the client and offer several payment options.

Cross Border Finance

imports from far east can be very challenging these days. Apart from supply shortages the world is facing immense delays at the ports. This also becomes a serious issue for the liquidity status of many companies. Screening your specific needs we are happy to provide you tailor-made solutions to handle tough issues in these tough times.


with our factoring partner we can offer beneficial credit terms for each individual business case. Within the partnership we can adjust the financial framework based on proven track records and and a satisfying payment behaviour.

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As your reliable value-added distributor, we also see our business relationships as financial partnerships and, with our extensive range of needs-based financing options, we offer you the support and flexibility you need to take advantage of new opportunities for you and your end customers. With our financial solutions, we are your reliable partner for individual financing solutions - be it within the assignment of receivables, factoring or purchase and sales financing. With the help of these extensive tools, we help you to generate additional sales without using existing credit lines.

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Legal brand registration

we always recommend our clients to patent their brand and products in the correct registry. Our team is happy to make a legal analysis for you and take care of everything you need to be secure to protect your intellectual property within the European Union.

Legal services

we provide legal advices when establishing new products within the European Union. We are happy to support you with general legal issues as well as with the assessment of a specific case.

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